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    Adding Resource Pool and Application Name to VM's with Custom Property

    MikeLip Lurker

      Hi all,


      We did this recently and thought I’d share - mainly to glean if this is an efficient way of doing this, or I’m missing something.


      In previous versions of vROps we struggled reporting on Resource Pools and Application names because we couldn’t work out a way of including this information on existing VM reports.


      We recently upgraded to vROps v7.5 and have been using the Custom Property feature.


      We created Custom Groups of the resource pools like this: http://www.vmignite.com/2016/03/vrops-6-creating-groups-by-vm-folders-resource-pools-for-reports-and-dashboards/ and added these two custom properties (Resource Pool name and the vCPU:pCPU ratio target for the group).


      We did similar for Applications, but added the Custom Property in the Administration, Inventory screen:


      This allows us to report on VM’s like this:


      And we created a Super Metric to calculate total pCPU allocation for a VM:



      Lastly, we also created a Super Metric for the Custom Groups to sum the pCPU:


      Feel free to give any suggestions if I’m over complicating this.