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    UEM applied Shortcuts - How to you DEL them from the desktop ?

    Douglas42Adams Novice

      Apologies if this is a stupid question.


      I pushed out a shortcut via UEM to users desktops.  That process works great.  I have a condition set to only do that for a specific set of users that are in the group . That works great as well .


      So lets say i want to Delete that UEM applied desktop shortcut later . 


      If i Disable applying the Shortcut in UEM.. im presuming that would simply not apply it to any more machines .


      However - If i Click the Shortcut Application 'rule' and Click Remove on the UEM menu.  It removes the Shortcut rule from UEM correctly.


      However the Shortcut Still persists on the desktop after a reboot .


      Is this 'working as intended' ?... sorry if this is a stupid question.. but how do i actually Delete the shortcut from the users desktop via UEM/DEM ?


      If one Admin deleted the Shortcut rule... another Admin might not even know the shortcut is 'out in the wild' and on the users desktop .


      Am i missing something here ?


      thanks .