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    Host Recovery Time?

    A13xxx Enthusiast

      Does anyone know how long it takes for a host in a SDDC cluster to recover when one dies? Been waiting over 40 minutes for auto scaler to drop in and do its work, vSAN is all red and not all VMs have Ha restarted. Pretty much stuck now with disconnected VMs which are reporting as offline

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          hsherwin09 Enthusiast
          VMware Employees

          Is your SDDC in Northern Virginia? If so, there is currently an outage reported in effect: https://status.vmware-services.io/ While dated for Sept. 13th, it is still listed as active. Please engage support and inform them of your situation if this is still persisting.

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            A13xxx Enthusiast

            No it was in the UK, it took over 1hr to get the new host in and VMs migrated. Not all VMs were powered up by HA which has a SR raised as to why. This was not reported as any outage on the support page for UK.


            My main concern is all the disconnected VMs were ended up being powered off for such a long amount of time before HA kicked in and even then not all of them were automatically powered back up


            VMware online support were clueless over the outage and i had to send screenshots as proof