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    From Datastore to Datastore Cluster

    feixfb Novice

      Hello everybody,


      i hope its not that complicated and i just miss a point in this.


      What if done:


      Create a Custom Group which includes Datastores with less than 200 GB of diskspace left.

      Create Dashboard an put a view on it which shows me all datastores in this Group with information Like Name, Total Capacity, Used Capacity, Free DiskSpace or if Snapshots on this lun.


      What i would like to do next.


      I would like to click on the specific Lun and than i would like to fill outer views or object lists on the dashboard with informations like..


      In which Datastore Cluster is the DS located?

      Which other Datstores are in the Cluster an how do the look like?


      What would be awesome if i could do this all in one view and the information just change while im clicking on the objects.. but i know its not possible so it would be ok if i had to create two new views which one of them show me the datastore and the next shows me the luns in the datastore.


      At the end.. the question is..

      How can i show the Datastorecluser of a Lun whit Dashboard intreactions in an new view of my dashboard?