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    VCSA 6.7 Backup ERROR

    hygorct Lurker

      Hello everyone
      I have a vCenter 6.7 and have error of integrated backup.

      I am currently trying to do through the NFS protocol.

      Backup starts normally but at 95% presents the following error in print.



      Folders and files are created in the directory as shown in prints.




      Follows logs from "/var/log/vmware/applmgmt/backup.log"


      2019-09-19T19:42:42.929 [MainProcess:PID-47850] INFO: No pg_start_backup() process is running.

      2019-09-19T19:42:42.930 [MainProcess:PID-47850] INFO: Checking whether Postgres online backup still in progress

      2019-09-19T19:42:42.930 [MainProcess:PID-47850] INFO: Executing command: /opt/vmware/vpostgres/current/bin/psql -U postgres -p 5432 -t -c "select pg_is_in_backup();".

      2019-09-19T19:42:42.994 [MainProcess:PID-47850] INFO: Postgres on-line backup already finished. Skip stopping backup operation

      2019-09-19T19:42:42.995 [MainProcess:PID-47850] INFO: Successfully cleaned up for VCDB backup.

      2019-09-19T19:42:42.995 [MainProcess:PID-47850] INFO: Cleaning up StatsMonitorDB.

      2019-09-19T19:42:42.996 [MainProcess:PID-47850] INFO: Cleaning up Lotus.

      2019-09-19T19:42:42.996 [MainProcess:PID-47850] INFO: Successfully completed Lotus cleanup.

      2019-09-19T19:42:42.996 [MainProcess:PID-47850] INFO: Cleaning up ComponentScripts.

      2019-09-19T19:42:42.996 [MainProcess:PID-47850] INFO: Cleaning up failed backup files.

      2019-09-19T19:42:43.691 [MainProcess:PID-47850] INFO: Successfully unmounted the nfs share at /storage/remote/backup/nfs/s6006fs13/FDOX0pLb/JPQghZq5

      2019-09-19T19:42:43.693 [MainProcess:PID-47850] INFO: Didn't remove non empty dir /storage/remote/backup/nfs/s6006fs13; Contents: ['mfAIhOcU', 'pYUN68vL']

      2019-09-19T19:42:43.696 [MainProcess:PID-47850] INFO: Cleaned up the backup job.

      2019-09-19T19:42:44.219 [MainProcess:PID-47850] INFO: Event com.vmware.applmgmt.backup.job.failed.event successfully posted to http://localhost:8085/sdk

      2019-09-19T19:42:44.238 [MainProcess:PID-47850] INFO: Backup job failed.




      vCenter Details.:

      vCenter Server with an embedded Plataform Services Controller

      VMware vCenter Server Appliance





      Does anyone have an idea what I can do?
      I thank you all for your attention