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    How to backup / restore individual app stacks ??

    Douglas42Adams Novice

      Just curious how everyone is backing up / restoring Individual app stacks ?


      Does one just restore the vmdk and vmdk.metadata to its original location ?


      We of course have backups on our SAN.. but this is at the LUN / NFS Share level . No granularity.. It's bring it all back or nothing .


      Would the easiest way be just to :


      1) Make a Storage Group in the manager .

      2) Mark the Destination Datastore as Not Attachable .. ( ie its the 'live backup ) .

      3) Then i should have an exact replica of my app stacks on a different LUN ?


      If i needed to restore an Individual App Stack i just copy over the corresponding VMDK and VMDK.Metadata from the backup to the source LUN ?


      Just curious how everyone was doing Granular restores / backups..etc. of their app stacks.


      There's Tons of hours of time on these . Would hate to lose them .


      thanks .