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    Import vCenter VM into vApp

    SrinivasanPS Lurker

      Hi, I am trying to use the `ImportVcenterVmIntoVapp` API call via pyvcloud sdk by specifying a target org-vdc storage policy.


      Setup: All the datastores in the host have storage policies defined at the vsphere level with I/O control (data servicing capability)


      Here is the error response thrown on the host. On the vCD the job just fails that we cannot import the VM into the vApp.

      Screenshot from 2019-09-19 08-29-33.png

      Importing a vCenter VM into a vApp first does a clone operation first into the specified datastore (pertaining to the org vdc storage policy mentioned in the vCD API call). This is failing with the error message:


      Changing or applying VM Storage Policies with Data Service capabilities during clone operations is disallowed. VM Storage Policies with Data Service capabilities can be assigned to the provisioned VM after the clone operation has been completed and before the VM has been powered on.


      While working with the vCD APIs, is it possible to control the workflow to first clone and then assigning the storage policy? Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround?


      I'm aware of the blog https://veric.me/2018/06/06/applying-vsphere-encryption-when-cloning-a-vm/