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    Program misbehaves when any app volume is assigned.

    joelsmithstoon Lurker

      The programs is called CaseWare Working Papers 2018. I have tried installing it directly on the image and as an app volume. When it's installed directly on the image, it will work fine as long as the logged in user doesn't have any app volumes assigned. The second an app volume is assigned and the program is launched, the attached error appears. Restarting the program does work, but people are going to be concerned seeing this message over and over. If the program is installed as an appvol, the program cannot fix itself.


      I have spoken with the software's support and they tell me this error normally pops up after a Windows 10 update breaks some symbolic registry links. We however are using Windows 7, and it's not an update issue. The symptoms only manifest when the App Volumes Agent Services is running. I have tried to copy the reg keys it supposedly changes after pressing Yes on the error message, but that doesn't help.


      I'm wondering if there is a way to capture the symbolic link changes and manually have UEM do them on log in, or if there is some way to not have Appvolumes effect this program. It's a key program to our business and has completely stalled our Horizon roll out.


      I know it's a long shot but any help is greatly appreciated.

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          jmatz135 Hot Shot

          App volumes inserts a whole lot into the registry even if the app volume is completely blank



          As you can see those SnapVolumes registry hives are essentially entire copies of the registry and causes weirdness in a lot of situations.  Open EventVwr if you have any appstack attached and watch the slowness for an example.


          As for a fix you might be able to use this key:

          HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\svdriver\Parameters\HookInjectionWhiteList and add the executable for the software you are using into that. This may make it so the application itself doesn't see what AppVolumes does.  You will probably have to have the application in your base image though if you do this.

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            Avenger429 Lurker

            Are you using the same image for both your master image, and the image you are capturing AppStacks on? If not, try re-capturing the AppStack on the master image.