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    VPN work around!

    fdalton14 Lurker

      I have used VirtualBox and I know I can perform this function there, however i am unhappy with virtual box in general. So i will lay out what I am trying to do.


      I am a Developer/Consultant, sometimes I have to us VPN's to access the customers systems when I am working on their products. However when I do so sometimes they kill my personal internet connection to anything else in the world. I want to bypass this, by hosting the VPN whether it is via adding a virtual NIC or something else. I want to still able able to work on my actual computer performing other tasks while being able to connect to the VPN and only have their network control effect the Virtual Machine.


      This the only thing that is stopping me from purchasing this product right now. If there was a trial option I would have tried it myself.


      Thanks in advance.