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    provisioning apps that install to \AppData\Local\

    Douglas42Adams Novice

      Hi ,


      I have a cross post in UEM/DEM as well .


      Anyone know if an Application installs itself to \AppData\local .. if the Provisioning machine / process will bring that over to the instant clone ?


      In my Experience it did not .  Just curious if im doing something wrong .


      The App is Google CHAT.. ( not hangouts ).  There is no Chrome extension for Chat yet.. Or id happily use that . There is for hangouts .


      There is a Manual install exe that appears to install the EXE in \Appdata\Local\Google\Hangouts Chat\.


      I installed the app on our provisioning machines .

      The app appears there on the provisioning machine .

      When i run it - it prompts for login ..etc. 


      I push the app stack out to an instant clone the app doesnt show up under \appdata\local\Google\Hangouts chat\... indeed there is NO Hangouts Chat at all .


      We are Not using Writables.. ( as they are the devil )


      At the moment there doesnt appear to be a method of changing the Google Chat install directory via command line ... we have not contacted Google support as of yet though .


      Is this 'normal' behavior' of AppStacks Not to pull over an App from the provisioning machine to the instant clone - that installs itself into \AppData\local ?


      thanks .