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    ResourceConfig.getStatus does not exist. Is there any other way to get collection status of a resource object?

    vedaniks Lurker

      I want to remove the resource objects from the inventory explorer of my adapter which has collection status as RESOURCE_STATUS_NO_DATA_RECEIVING. Since vROPs does not immediately remove them, they are getting accumulated and causing a slowdown of the system.



      What I'm thinking of doing is checking the collection status of each resource and if it is RESOURCE_STATUS_NO_DATA_RECEIVING, I'll set the collection state as RESOURCE_STATE_NOT_EXISTING which will be removed by vROPS according to this (VMware Knowledge Base).


      But when I'm getting the ResourceConfig using getMonitoringResource(ResourceKey), It is just giving me the collection state of the resource using ResourceConfig.getState() but not the status.

      The function to get status as mentioned in documentation (vrealize-operations-manager-SDK-70-programming-guide) does not exist which is ResourceConfig.getStatus().


      Is there any way I can get the status of resource object? Or any other way I can tackle the problem I'm facing?

      I thought of getting resource status for object type Process using ResourceDto object but I could not create the ResourceDto object for the Process Object type.

      I'm using vROps SDK version 7.0