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    apps that install to \\appdata\local .. ?

    Douglas42Adams Novice

      Just curious how everyone is dealing w/ apps that install to \appdata\local .


      In my instance its Google Chat ( not hangouts - chat is the 'new - "better" one ' ).


      There doesnt appear to be an official Extension as of yet.. as there appears to be for Hangouts.  As i would much prefer to use that .


      For Chat there's an installer that places the exe into \appdata\local\google\hangouts .


      i tried creating an appstack for it .. it didnt come over to the instant clone .


      The stupid app doesnt allow me to change its install directory.. ( at least any way i can tell ) .

      Otherwise i would just force it into Program Files..etc.


      Am i forced to create a batch file that copies it from UEMprofiles up to the local \Appdata\local\google\hangouts chat folder ?


      ( apologies if this belongs more in the Appstack forum.. in my mind its partially in both UEM and Appstack 'land' ) .


      thanks .

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          Anobix67 Enthusiast

          I haven't tried that application, but you can use UEM to capture that directory, what happens if you create a UEM profile for it and get it captured? Would likely need to have it be running with directflex off. Although depending on the size of that application it may make things take longer to login/etc.


          Other than that maybe it turns into one of those things where you hope that they put out an /allusers switch like we have to do with OneDrive and Teams (sigh)

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            sujayg15 Enthusiast
            VMware Employees

            Have you considered creating a Custom Config File.. for your Google Chat and creating your own Include/Exclude (File/Folder/Registry) settings.

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              Douglas42Adams Novice

              Thanks Everyone .  Cool Graphic sujayg15 ! thanks .


              i probably should have started on the Appstack side.. my apologies.  So many things cross each app though ( UEM and Appstacks ).


              I install the app on my provisioning machine and publish it.  It never shows up on the instant clone . im guessing its because of installing in the \appdata\local folder.. like an idiot app .

              Dang that Google.


              thanks for everyones help.. i'll move this over to the App Stack side.


              was just curious from the UEM / DEM perspective what peeps were doing w/ apps that install in the profile directories. 


              Sounds like maybe UEM wont have issues.. and just to have it copy it from from the UEM profiles folder.


              Hardest part appears to be the appstack side.


              thanks everyone .

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                jordanht Novice

                You might actually be able to "deploy" it using UEM if it is really just a folder under appdata\local containing all necessary files.


                In your UEM config file for Google Chat, create "predefined settings". Copy the Google Chat folder from a working PC into the predefined settings "LocalAppData" folder. Add some kind of condition in UEM so that it only deploys where you need it - AD group, etc.


                Theoretically this could work, but obviously do some testing.