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    Can we please get a better forum software?

    kopseng Novice

      Everything about these forums have the big stench of Enterprise software on them: slow, over-engineered hulks of software that gets in the way, where every click seems to involve some server somewhere crunching some JSF code before spitting out an answer a second later. Compare it to any modern piece of forum software, like Discourse, and you see how far behind this crap is.


      Just because we are used to working with VMs does not mean we like slow software!


      At least consider giving us something where just pressing the Edit button on a post does not involve having to wait 2 seconds for the server to generate a 3 element menu!


      I want

      • a markdown option for creating posts
      • quick edit that doesn't involve a server roundtrip
      • sub-100 ms response times




      This isn't 2005.