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    collector inactive

    barateau2 Lurker

      Issue: Advisor does not show any data or collectors.


      Collector in skyline advisor shows correct version 2.1 but status in "inactive".


      Looking in Skyline Organisation "manage existing collectors" the collector ID is same as in advisor and state is "unhealthy" and shows version 2.0.


      Skyline appliance shows same ID as org and advisor and last seen a few seconds ago.

      Looking in the collector log it does seem like the upload work fine.


      2019-09-12 15:46:43,505 INFO [pool-4-thread-40] VcChangeCollectionTask [CollectionTask.java:142] [task=VC_CHANGES-FQDN] Successfully uploaded data.


      Do i need to deregister collector in appliance and request new token "start over" mapping all the collectors again?