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    build relationships between different adapters objects

    Dpison Lurker

      Hello community, I have some questions doing custom dashboards on vrops 7.5, can you please point me in the right way?...


      Im trying to build an application in a dynamic manner and I m having relationships issues.

      I have created one custom group as an application level and some custom groups as an application tiers.


      One of this application tier is a custom group with dynamic tagging based selection.

      Another application tier is a custom group with object type netapp LUN and with ancestor relationship with app tier VM group so it is been automatically populed. This is done because the netapp adapterś object brings a relationship between LUN and VM.

      Now I want to create another app tier custom group with servers of HP adapter but only the ones who current hosts the VM application group, but I cant apply relationship beacuse doesnt exist. 


      How can build a generic relationship to accomplish this goal?


      I would appreciate your help, Im breaking my head looking for possible ways to do it!!!