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    vsphere 6.7 HA problem

    zaognom Lurker

      Hello everyone,

      I`m pretty new to vmware technologies so this can be pretty stupid question.

      I have two ESXi hosts (ESXi1 and ESXi2) on which I installed two WS2019 VMs.

      On that two VMs I installed StarWind VSAN and configured shared storage which will be visible to hosts and VMs.

      I suppose that this part went pretty well because I see shared storage on both hosts and managed to create new datastore.

      After that I deployed VCSA on ESXi1 and created new cluster and added hosts to cluster.

      Next I`v enabled HA on cluster and configured Admission Control so there is no errors on Summary tab.

      For testing purpose I created new TestVM which resides on shared storage and primary host for this VM is ESXi2.

      When I unplug networks from ESXi2 nothing happens.

      VM becomes unavailable and no faileover or migration to other host ever happens.

      What am I doing wrong?


      tnx in advance

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          a.p. Guru
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          HA doesn't just use network heartbeats, but also datastore heartbeats to avoid outages due to e.g. network timeouts.

          I'm not familiar with StarWind VSAN, but it looks like the host still has access to the datasatore(s).

          If you want to test HA, you may need to kill the host (unplug power cables, or do a hard switch off).


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            zaognom Lurker


            I tried your suggestion but it`s same

            VM becomes unresponsive with no try to migrate to another host.

            I`m having filing that I missed something in configuration steps but dont know what.

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              How did you configure Starwind VSAN? Is it configured for automatic failover, and do you have a witness to give the surviving node the majority?



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                zaognom Lurker

                It`s configured for automatic replication.

                I followed this guide https://www.starwindsoftware.com/resource-library/starwind-virtual-san-hyperconverged-2-node-scenario-with-vmware-vspher…

                When I install VM on shared storage (provided by StarWind) it is visible in datastores on both ESXi hosts so I presume I`m failing on vsphere level

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                  zaognom Lurker

                  I think i found something last night that might be related to issue.

                  As I mentioned before, when I go to datastore list of each host I see shared data store (DS1)

                  I suppose it`s shared because I created DS1 from ESXi1 and after adapter rescan it automatically appeared on ESXi2, so it`s visible from both host




                  Also I can see iSCSI targets from both hosts




                  When I go to vCenter client and click on SWdatacenter > Datastores i can see local datastores from both hosts and shared datastore DS1

                  But when I go to SWcluster and click on Datastores tab there`s no datastores

                  Also, when I go to vSphere Availability >Edit Cluster Settings >Heartbeat Datastores tab there is no data stores to select.