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    vCenter 6.7 - can't reset local admin account

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      I've just taken over a vSphere setup from a retired workmate. The vCenter is version 6.0.7 Build 9232933 based on Windows Server 2016.

      I currently have the problem that I can't login with the local Administrator account (don't know if it is a wrong password or wrong user/domain or something else). I only have a standard user account to log in to the Web GUI(s) BUT also the Admin account of the Windows Server (local and domain-admin), which is joined our company domain. I already tried to change the password with vdcadmintool.exe without success. Don't know if the local domain is right.


      C:\Program Files\VMware\vCenter Server\vmdird>vdcadmintool.exe



      Please select:

      0. exit

      1. Test LDAP connectivity

      2. Force start replication cycle

      3. Reset account password

      4. Set log level and mask

      5. Set vmdir state

      6. Get vmdir state

      7. Get vmdir log level and mask




        Please enter account UPN : cn=administrator,cn=users,dc=vSphere,dc=local

      VmDirForceResetPassword failed (9106)


      What can I do to gain access to the admin account?