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    Lincese Requirement for vRealize Application Management Pack & OS monitoring

    SanCeOh Lurker

      Sorry if it's been answered or posted somewhere..

      We have the vROPs 7.5 Advance license and want to use the new telegraf agent instead of ePOPs to monitor OS resource.


      "Monitoring of OS Resources (CPU, Disk, Memory, Network) Telegraf agents gather operating system metrics and monitor availability of remote platforms and applications."



      From what I'm understanding of the new feature with 7.5. I would need to deploy the application remote collector/ Application Management pack then use that to deploy the telegraf agent to the VMs. But from the datasheet is that I need have "enterprise" level license even though I just want to monitor the OS resources. The telegraph agent can do both Monitor OS resources and application monitoring but... we only want to use it to monitor the OS resources.


      Can someone shed some light on my confusion of licensing and how the way the new feature works regarding it. Do I really need the Enterprise license to monitor OS resources with telegraf?