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    nsx_lab 0n fusion with 16 GB ram

    jvm2016 Expert

      Hi Nsx team,


      Just thought of asking if anyone is able to deploy nsx lab environment using 16 GB ram on vmwarefusion on mac.

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          Nick_Andreev Expert

          Have a look at this, it will give you some idea:


          It's summed up pretty well in this statement:

          My MacBook Pro has 16GB of RAM, which is barely sufficient to run a core lab provided that I shut down absolutely everything else and am very patient while it builds.

          Keep in mind that you will at least need a couple of ESXi hosts and a vCenter. Ideally a domain controller, shared storage appliance and a router.


          You might be able to fit all of the above into 16GB of RAM. But adding NSX Manager, Controllers and Edges into the mix will be tough. I'd suggest 24-32GB to be able to run this.



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