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    VMNICs are showing disconnected

    SATHISHVIJAY Enthusiast

      HI Guys,


      Some of my VMNICs (3 out of 5) are showing disconnected while i checked in DCUI of the ESXi (IBM) box.

      Raised a case with vendor and got the reply as " Actually your VMNICs are not down but their ports are blocked"


      Could you help me with commands or steps to check that port information on the server and open the ports.


      Thank you,

      Sathish Vijay


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          mguidini Novice

          SSH to your ESXi and list PCI devices: lspci -v | grep -e Ethernet

          See if your 5 vmnics are showing up there.

          Are they listed in the command: esxcfg-nics -l

          Check your IBM server console in the IMM or IMMv2, the physical nics are showing up? Are they up/down?

          If they are down, most probably it's not a VMware issue, you might need to check your physical switch port and cabling.

          If they are up, you might want to have a look at driver versions in the VMware HCL and check for compatibility issues.