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    VMWare Tools setup cannot be found

    F_Ps Lurker

      I am using VMWare version 11.1.1 and running Windows 10 inside.

      When I click on "Virtual Machine" - "Install VMWare Tools" nothing happens.

      When I open a command window and type in d:\setup it tells me that the command is not found.


      CDROM D: is connected to the Windows 10 iso, i.e. when I open drive D: in the Windows Explorer I see something but there is just no setup.


      Is there a way to download the tools differently?


      Thank you

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          wila Guru
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          You'll have to disconnect the Windows 10 ISO DVD before you can run the VMware Tools installer as it is using the same virtual DVD drive.

          Like in the physical world where you first had to eject the old DVD before you could put a new one in.

          In order to remove the Windows 10 ISO, go to menu -> Virtual Machine -> CD/DVD -> Disconnect


          Then try "Install VMware Tools" from the menu again.




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            F_Ps Lurker

            Hi Wil,


            that got me on the right track.

            Afterwards I could mount the "windows.iso" and could find the setup that I needed to install the VMWare Tools.


            Thank you!