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    NFS Datastore Failure Recovery help needed

    insearchof Enthusiast

      VMware 6.5 U2

      Dell Power Edge R430 Gen 13


      I had a NFS device fail this week just got a replacement.

      Drive currently being rebuilt Raid 5 on new NFS device Synology DS 418.


      I shared the New Volume on the DS 418 as NFS02


      NFS02 was the Data store name that failed.


      When it failed the status was in accessable.


      I gave the New NFS storage device DS418 the same ip address as the failed one which is now offline.


      Now the status is INACTIVE.


      I have two vcenters   Both use the same NFS storage device.


      I have several of theses devices all others working


      A few VMs on both vcenters show the NFS02 as a Data store.


      But all those vms are up and running and all disks are available


      Some of the VMs show 0 Disk space

      I shut them down

      remove from inventory

      register the vm

      Now the drives how a value.


      On NFS02 I had my ISO folder and so I went and checked the CDRom drives on these VMs yes they were pointing to that share on NFS02

      SO I changed to Host device saved

      But on the VM it still shows the NFS02 as inaccessible 



      Trying to unmounts the data store it errors with IN USE message.


      So the VM has something connected to this data store.


      How can I get the Datastore removed from these VMs?


      Any ideas?


      Thank you