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    NSX-T - Cross-site requirements

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      I\m trying to simulate NSX-T multi-site in my home lab, the remote host was configured for NSX successfully, but, traffic is not passing over GENEVE tunnel.


      SO, I\m simulating SITE01, and SITE02, the setup is as following:





      1 NSX-T Manager

      2 Edge nodes (ESMP)

      2 ESXi transport nodes


      This site works very fine for intra-overlay, I mean that VMs on overlay communicate successfully.


      SITE 2


      1 ESXi transport node, with 2 vms on it, and both run on different segments, and can ping each other successfully.


      Networking equipment:



      Site 1: Cisco 3750 switch >>> connected to Cisco 1841 router (the gateway to site 2)


      Site 2: Cisco 1841, connected to site one, and to the local ESXi host on that site.


      Problem: inter-site overlay traffic is not passing.  Normal TEP ping works, but this command isn't working across sites


      [root@esxi05:~] vmkping -S vxlan -d -s 1400 -c 10

      PING ( 1400 data bytes



      So, what'\s the proper configuration for NSX-T inter-site communication please?