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    VMC vSphere Alarm - vSAN object health

    panwjeffh Lurker

      Every time I log into vCenter on VMC, the 'Cluster-1' object has a critical alarm badge. When I view the Alarms, I see a critical error for "vSAN health alarm 'vSAN object health'. There's no additional information available when I select the message.


      This is actually my fifth VMC SDDC where I've seen this critical alarm and not sure if it's benign or legitimate. In either case, I would like to resolve the issue and/or suppress the alarm (if it's truly benign).





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          TheBobkin Virtuoso
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          Hello Jeff,


          Welcome to (posting on) Communities.


          My understanding is that end-users of VMC environments don't have access to vSAN Health monitoring, is this the case?

          If not then further detailed information regarding what the state of the data is (and thus the reason for the alarm) can be found here while the issue is present:

          Cluster > Monitor > vSAN > Health > Data

          If any sub-check of the Data category is red, the overall category will be red - this can be triggered by 2 causes:

          1. Data is reduced availability following a failure or activity that caused data-component to become unavailable (e.g. host/controller/disk/Disk-Group failure or host placed in Maintenance Mode) and rebuild has not been started/triggered yet.

          2. Objects have become inaccessible due to multiple failures or a network partition causing them to lose quorum.


          One should also see more detail on the cluster-level alarms/events.



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            panwjeffh Lurker

            Hello Bob,

            Thanks for your reply. I believe you are correct in that VMC environments do not have access to vSAN. I checked the list of plug-ins in vSphere on VMC and the vSAN plug-in is listed but cannot be removed. There was a message that said the plug-in would not work with the HTML5 interface, so I wonder if that's part of the issue?


            Regardless, I've finished my testing with VMC and the SDDC has been removed from the environment. I work for a VMware partner and we've been validating our product which will be available in the VMware Marketplace any day now.


            I appreciate you getting back to me!


            Best regards,