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    Do I need to buy vRealize Orchestrator for plugin development, or is there a free/trial dev version to use?

    ssol Lurker

      Greetings vmware community,


      My company create an IPAM solution, and one of our clients asked us to develop a vRO workflow to provision IPs through vRA. I'm searching online on how to set a development environment, and all the resources I saw state that you need a vRO installation to develop the plugin itself, it is not enough to have VSC with the vRealize Dev Tools installed. I tried searching for an SDK or just a small vRO installation to use for dev, but only thing I saw on the vmware website was the hands-on lab or the 60 days trial of vSphere.


      So, is download and starting the vSphere trial enough? Do I need to buy a vRealize license just to develop the plugin?


      Thanks for the help