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    VCSA 6.7 running on an ESXi 5.5 host?

    NFerrar Lurker



      Whilst I know a VCSA v6.7 appliance can't manage ESXi v5.5 hosts can it actually run on one? The reason I ask is we have a large internal vCenter & ESXi v5.5u3 environment but also several ESXi hosts running in gateways etc.  The internal cluster is due a complete refresh but before then we have an issue that deploying any new hosts outside this environment we are forced to use ESXi v5.5 as we want to keep the vCenter running on the internal cluster.

      As a stop gap I want to build another vSphere environment which would have a VSCA v6.7 + any new gateway non-internal cluster ESXi hosts (also running v6.7) would be managed by it, but with the VCSA running on an internal core cluster v5.5u3 host. Is that supported? I can't see VCSA would be doing anything low level enough (just to run) that it would care it's on a v5.5u3 host but HCL/Googling info just seems to be about the version of hosts you can manage not the versions it can run on.