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    UEM Drive mapping - mapping a drive to a folder inside a share

    chandlarp Novice

      I'm using UEM 9.7 and am just building my environment in a test lab.  I am trying to put all User based settings in UEM as per the VMWare recommendation.


      We use DFS / DFSR extensively for file shares both for site awareness and fault tolerance.


      I have a single namespace for user home drives. In native GPP I can have a drive mapping to \\server\share\%Logonuser%  .


      I have tried repeatedly in UEM to map a drive but it only seems to accept \\server\share . If I put anything past that, even a hard folder path, the mapping does not succeed.


      Is this something that is not available in UEM?


      If I have to go back to GPP for drive maps do I have to worry about execution timing as I intend to use the users home drive for UEM folder redirection ?