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    Windows 10 & Wilcom e4 Upgrade Help Needed

    SecretsMom Lurker

      I Need help! I have a virtual machine (Fusion v 8) running Windows 7. I have minimal software installed. I only need it for Wilcom embroidery software and Corel. I am a Mac user and don't understand why my virtual hard drive got full. I don't save files to it. I am assuming its Windows updates.


      Anyway, I need to upgrade to Windows 10 and install the latest Wilcom e4 upgrade that I just purchased. The Wilcom install will be considered new even though I need to plug in my old dongle during the installation. I have not yet purchased Windows 10 (I need 64 bit). So here is the question. Do I create another virtual machine and delete the Windows 7 machine once I get everything I need? Since that disk is considered "full" I can't install anything on that machine.


      I have plenty of hard drive space on my iMac, so that's not an issue.


      Thanks so much! I am usually pretty good at this stuff but this is way out of my comfort zone!!!!