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    HCX with NSXv

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      Has anyone else managed to get the HCX appliances to work with NSX v installed with firewall rules? If i create firewall rules traffic passes through them as per the documentation, i have assigned ST and SGs but the gateway always drops but the tunnels remain up. As soon as i add it to the exclusion list it all magically works? it even drops with any any rules. I am wondering if it has something to do with the way the ST/ SG are working as several vms have the same private ips


        |-- icmp(success)

        |-- ssl connection(success)

        |-- ssl handshake(success)

        |-- gateway status(fail): Peer site connectivity is down

              |-- Appliance System Status: good

              |-- Peer Site Connectivity: down

                      |-- WANOPT Status: up

                      |-- Tunnel t_1 Status: up       , rx         45555526, tx        172285995

                      |-- Tunnel t_0 Status: up       , rx         95071447, tx        209591053

                      |-- Tunnel t_2 Status: up       , rx          4385286, tx        101590618

                      |-- Tunnel te_0 Status: up      , rx        147018366, tx        485469324