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    Vrops 7.0 for Horizon Client side Source IP monitoring

    Weshale1879 Lurker

      Is there a way to monitor a clients originating source IP? We have a large environment with a large number of contractors connecting through a MPLS to our two datacenters. We generate monthly reports and would like to have a granular breakdown of the contractors sites in the network performance reports. We don't know the network segmentation where the client source IP's are originating from. There contractors are connecting to many different pools which from a vrops standpoint reporting on the pools would not give the correct network performance data. We looked at Pod Pools which only contains the pooled desktops and Pod Active Session which again users can log into many different pools from the same originating source IP. The goal is to be able to group our corporate networking and our contractors sites in a granular report. Any insight into this would be appreciated.



      Build 11287812

      Horizon View Adapter