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    Get exception while executing action vpx.vmprov.CopyVmFiles N3Vim5Fault8Timedout9ExceptionE Fault cause: vim.fault.Timedout when conducting vMotion

    dvele01 Lurker

      Hey folks,


      I'll start by saying I'm relatively inexperienced with vMotion. So, here's what I know.



      Presiding over some VM Hosts.


      Source VM Host:

           ESXi version: 6.7.0

           ESXi build number 13981272


      Destination VM Host:





      What I'm looking to do is migrate machines over, and for the most part, I have been able to move relatively everything just fine. The reason for this migration is that we are abandoning our old VM Host for the moment being.


      This is where I may have made a mistake, I moved the vCenter, but had issues (timeouts). So, I cloned my vCenter and moved it. Works fine.


      Next, I try to move the last machine, a Windows 10 box with about 200 GB of data on it. When I do the migration for both the compute resource and datastore, it gets to about 30% with a status of "Copying Virtual Machine files". After 40 minutes, almost to the dot, it fails with the titled message of this thread. The error message is from the vCenter vpxd log. I've done this a few times and it fails consistently after 40 minutes.


      The error specifically: error vpxd[15439] Get exception while executing action vpx.vmprov.CopyVmFiles: N3Vim5Fault8Timedout9ExceptionE (Fault cause: vim.fault.Timedout --->)


      Does anyone have any ideas? The VM Hosts can ping each other, see each other. What else could it be? Or what other logs do you think could be helpful to me? I've been cruising around google, support forums, and I'm not able to find much on this particular error.