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    uem desktop background

    rustybig Lurker




      I have beaten my head against the wall on this one.  I am ready to start pushing out UEM but the desktop background is killing me.  I don't want to set to a corporate one , just want to allow them to change it and stay that way.  I have tried the admx gpo templates set to disable, and that didn't work.  Any direction on this would be great.  Do I need to set up personization to capture a certain file location ?




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          ijdemes Expert

          You can use the Wallpaper template from UEM. Do not disallow users changing their background/wallpaper from GPO, or explicitly allow user to change the background/wallpaper by GPO.

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            rustybig Lurker

            Ok, so I disabled the desktop gpo all together.  If I use , windows settings, wallpaper, don't make any changes to it, just add my conditions, tested it and it is not applying the wallpaper.  So I logged into the vm changed it to something, logged out ,waited and logged back in.  The weird part to me is if I go into the uem user directory I can see the wallpaper is being exported out.  So it isn't applying.



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              cbaptiste Enthusiast

              Can you validate in the UEM log that the background was imported but not skipped?
              Also try using it without any conditions and see if it works. Could be something with the condition.