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    Dynamic Types Plugin - Import Configuration From Package fails to parse input and validate namespaces

    cloudyred Novice


      We regularly use DT plugin and having an issue with the ootb Export and Import Configuration From Package.

      Seems 100% reproducible with both internal and external vRO though external is our primary use case.

      We also have our own namespace to import but can reproduce by creating your own locally and running export / import.


      • Clean vRO 7.6
      • Run Define Namespace workflow and create a namespace eg "TestNameSpace"
      • Run Export Configuration As Package workflow
      • Export the new package created to disk
      • Run the Import Configuration from Package workflow.



      Trying to proceed anyway finds no namespaces and typing a know good namespace generates an error.

      Getting to the point in the screenshot above, we see errors in the server.log.




      2019-09-03 16:13:41.893+0000 [http-nio-] ERROR {} [VcoFactoryServiceFacadeProxy] ch.dunes.util.DunesServerException: Action 'getAllNamespacesFromConfig' in m

      odule 'com.vmware.o11n.plugin.dynamictypes.configuration' failed : java.lang.NullPointerException (unnamed script#1)


      019-09-03 16:13:48.579+0000 [http-nio-] WARN  {} [ScriptModuleRuntimeServiceImpl] Unable to execute action class ch.dunes.util.DunesServerException: ch.dune

      s.ejb.client.VSOInternalServerFactoryClient.extractPackageImportFromFileData([B)Lch/dunes/model/pkg/impexp/PackageImport; (unnamed script#4)

      2019-09-03 16:13:48.580+0000 [http-nio-] ERROR {} [VcoFactoryServiceFacadeProxy] ch.dunes.util.DunesServerException: Action 'validateConfigurationPackage' in

      module 'com.vmware.o11n.plugin.dynamictypes.configuration' failed : ch.dunes.ejb.client.VSOInternalServerFactoryClient.extractPackageImportFromFileData([B)Lch/dunes/model/pkg/im

      pexp/PackageImport; (unnamed script#4)


      We have tested with.

      vRO 7.6 GA Internal + External

      vRO 7.6 External with https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/70629 roll up patch

      vRO 7.6 GA External + DT Plugin Version 1.3.2-14238188 from https://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-36813


      Is there a bug, workaround, etc can others repro?