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    USB external disk attached to guest in raw mode

    Wladca Novice

      mac os Sierra (not the high one), Fusion 11.1.latest, Ubuntu 18.04 as guest

      SATA III hard disk (WDC) in SATA-USB 3.0 disk dock station


      For external disk attached to guest under v.m.'s Settings > USB & Bluetooth following command does not work in guest

      smartctl - t short /dev/sdX

      Permission denied

      To fix it disk was attached to v.m. in raw mode by following instructions found in kb.vmware.com/s/article/2097401.

      .vmx file attached that disk on sata bus, all other points as in mentioned KB article.


      In consequence disk was available in guest however

      * with no SMART support

      * reported to guest as VmWare virtual disk - original brand and model name lost

      Physical disk however supports SMART - it works fine if to attach it to guest in non-raw mode by usual ways.


      Any way exists to attach and USB external disk in raw mode but SMART support and disk brand/model name dont get lost on guest side?