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    Horizon View 7.9 - Recompose breaks global entitlement?

    matthewgONCU Novice

      So this is odd. We upgraded our environment to 7.9 (connection servers, Composers, agents on images and UEM to 9.8) across the board. However now when we recompose, it seems to break the global entitlement. When users attempt to connect at any connection server they are presented with "This desktop is currently not available. Please try connecting to this desktop again later, or contact your system administrator."


      We are a small outfit with a single pool and two pods, so what we've been doing after a recompose is we go into a connection server at each pod, remove the local pool from the global entitlement and re-add it. Then I can connect. Not sure if anyone else is having the same problem but thought I would ask here.

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          KjellO Enthusiast



          It may be related, because we are also experiencing something strange during recompose after upgrading to 7.9: Pool protocol settings get’s messed up and BLAST and PCoIP is unavailable. So after starting recompose, we need to edit the Pool settings and choose protocol settings again.


          VMware has confirmed the issue and will fix it in 7.10:


          "Just to follow up with you to let you know that our back end engineering team has identified this issue and it is resolved in the 7.10 release which is scheduled for release in September."



          You should contact VMware and have them confirm your scenario after upgrading to 7.9.


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            Mach1_70 Lurker

            I came here to post about the same issue. For me it seems to only affect connections from Linux clients. We are using Stratodesk NoTouch (which is Linux based) for our client connections in our computer lab. When I test from my Windows client I can login to the affected pool just fine. We are using Blast as the protocol for all of our pools.


            Found out about this issue the hard way after recomposing our pools last night and finding out no one can login this morning.


            The fix I found is to disable the pool and then enable the pool. When enabling the pool again Horizon gives the following message:


            For RDS desktop pools, both the farm and the RDS desktop pool must be enabled before users can launch desktops in the pool.


            Once the pool is enabled again then the Linux clients can connect to the pool again.

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              jzumwalt Novice

              I just posted something similar to this - did you come across a solution?

              When I recompose I have to go and disable  "Entitlements" and re-enable them after that it works fine. 

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                kkdmcn Novice

                As a workaround i perform the recompose with powershell / powercli / VMware.HV.Helper :


                start-HVPool -Recompose -Pool $pool -LogoffSetting WAIT_FOR_LOGOFF -Vcenter $vcenter -ParentVM $ParentVM -SnapshotVM $Snapshot


                Since then no longer problems with the global entitlements.