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    remidiate Host Profiles

    Daniel Langenhan Enthusiast

      Hi all,

      I been hammering away at this but I'm having trouble.


      System: vCenter 6.7, vRO  7.6

      Objective: remediate (apply host profile) to esxi after changing some content of the Answer file.

      What I have: I have added a host profile to the Cluster, added a new ESXi, changed the answer file content

      What I cant figure out: How to apply the host profile.


      API tells me to use: VcHostProfileManager.applyHostConfig_Task() however it requires VcHostConfigSpec and I cant find to get them.



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          Daniel Langenhan Enthusiast

          oh well...

          Sometimes it helps just to step away...

          here the answer:



          The problem was that I didn't realize that the type vc:Profile is the same as the type vc:HostProfile

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            aslk5 Novice

            Hi Daniel,


            Can you share part of your code for what you did to edit the answer file? I've managed to pick the profile I want, apply it to the host and do the remediation (with the help of your code above) but the trying to feed in all the answers are giving me a little trouble.


            Anything you can share would be helpful