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    Unable to kill vmware-vmx.exe (windows 10) and Virtual Machine doesn't start (black screen)

    OC_dbk Lurker

      Hi to anyone.


      This post is 80% for share an info with the community and 20% for asking help (just because this is a windows issue and I am not so sure that someone know how to fix it easy)


      I never experienced this "known issue" with workstation or player versions until a specific windows update package.


      After some tries I noticed a new update made by Microsoft and installed just before the issue began.

      Once I uninstalled it and rebooted the system, the Virtual Machine has started correctly.


      The package was installed on 10/08/2019 just two days before another one package.

      I did some try so, as we know, the first package I uninstalled wasn't the right one .


      After I unistalled the right one I solved the issue but Windows reinstalled them again forcing me so nowaday i got both packages installed again and my vmware broken again.


      The package name is one of those:


      a)     KB4512508

      b)     KB4506991      ( <--- I suppose this one)


      I hope it may help someone