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    How to avoid focus loss after pasting a file from the host?

    VZ0 Lurker

      I'm running (various) Windows versions inside VMware Workstation running on Windows 7 host. For literally years I've been annoyed by the following bug: when you copy a file on the host machine and paste it, using Ctrl-V, into the guest, the guest loses focus after the file copy completes and I need to press Ctrl-G to give it the focus back before doing anything else inside the guest from the keyboard. I hoped it would be fixed in the latest version, as I used v10 before, but the bug is still present in v15 too.


      It's a minor annoyance, for sure, but it still would be great if there were a fix or at least a workaround. Would anyone have an idea about how to avoid this focus loss (presumably happening because a progress dialog is shown in the host while copying the file to the VM, so maybe disabling this progress dialog would fix it)?


      Thanks in advance!