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    Question regarding UEM and AppdataRoaming StartMenu for Windows Search Index

    johnyb0y Lurker



      we just migrated from Persona to VMware UEM 9.7 and it went supersmooth for the most part. UEM is a great product and I'm already a big fan.


      We're seeing a small issue which I'm not even sure is related to UEM but maybe someone else already dealt with this:


      - In the Windows 10 Startmenu you can search for installed programs. The Index is based on "AllUsers/Microsoft/Windows/Start Menu" for Stuff installed in the Master and "AppDataRoaming/Microsoft/Windows/Start Menu" für programs installed in User context (apps installed under Appdata/Local like Microsoft Teams, Spotify etc.)


      - The Windows-Search Index is located in C:/ProgramData/Microsoft/Search


      Our setup: We save "AppDataRoaming/Microsoft/Windows/Start Menu" using an UEM profile and restore it on each login. Our VMs are reset after each Logout.

      The Windows-Search service in enabled.


      Our issue: For our users "AppDataRoaming/Microsoft/Windows/Start Menu" is not part of the configured indexing paths in the Windows Indexing Options.

      Normally that's the case and I'm not sure why Windows seems to remove it.

      Even if I login as a user, add it manually and trigger a reindexing I can't get the Startmenu Search to show anything from that location.


      But even if I could - since the Search-Index is currently located under it's default path C:/ProgramData/Microsoft/Search the rebuilt index would probably be lost after logout, since the VMs get reset to the state of the ReplicaDisk.



      My questions: Any recommendations on how to deal with the user-part of the Startmenu and the Windows-Search Index ?

      Any ideas why we see the current behaviour?

      Thank you!


      Kind regards