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    Oracle ASM on OEL6 and Fusion 8.5.10

    CADKC Lurker

      I have now been struggling for quite a while trying to get an iscsi storage device to work with Oracle ASM as you have to preserve the disk mount order and the Linux iscs_id does not return a ISCSI device number for the mounted volume. This used to work in earlier versions.


      I found one suggestion that diskEnableUUID="TRUE" added to the .VMX file would solve this but no joy.


      Anyone managed to solve this?

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          CADKC Lurker

          Slight expansion on the original question:


          I have a VM running an ISCSI storage server (TGTD) and this works well disks can be added and made available to other servers


          I have three other VM's. 2 for a Oracle RAC installation (12c) and 1 for a standalone ASM installation. Both can see the ISCSI disks and can mount the devices under /dev.


          Here is the problem. The device persistence (very necessary) is based on UDEV and therefore the ISCSI id returned by sci_id is key. This can be obtained from /dev/block/<device> normally but this does not operate making the UDEV solution fail and therefore Oracle ASM does not work as the disk mount points can change around following a reboot.


          Fusion is a great way to test build concepts and learn so I have used it a lot over the years. Unless I can find a solution to the problem I will either have to move to the cloud (yet more complication) or simply be unable to build complex solutions. ESXi does this with no issues but I can't quite stretch to that for my personal use.