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    vRSLCM 2.1 patch 2 Storage extention failed

    Noemie Novice



      I would like to try the feature "extend storage" avaliable inside Settings / System administration /system details.


      When i tried to extend the storage, I set 5gb for example with my user login and password, the request failed with this error : extend_storage.png


      I have tried to be connected on the vcenter direclty to be sure my user credentials are good and validate that the user have right to extend hard disk.

      So everything look good, user credentials, vcenter 's user right but i'm still have this error when i try to extend the storage of my vrslcm server.


      I have remove all snapshot on the server, but still the same issue.


      vcenter version is 6.7.0

      vrslcm veriosn is 2.1 patch 2

      vcd version is 9.7


      Does anyone have an idea ? Error message is not very relevant :-(