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    Copying from Excel, pasting on Mac

    twmemphis Novice



      a colleague of mine in Singapore has a Mac running with VMWare Fusion and Windows 7 on it.

      She runs Excel on that Windows 7 machine and showed me that when she copies just the content of one column (plain text) from the Excel on the Windows-side, she can paste that to the Mac-side easily.

      But when she marks an area consisting of multiple fields from Excel and then goes to the Mac-side, the Paste-function is "grey" (inactive, nothing to paste).


      Doing the same within the Windows-side, for example copying that Excel-area from Excel and pasting it into Word running on the same Windows-side, pasting works just fine.

      Thus it has to do with the clipboard of the VMWare side that is for some reason not able to take "copied areas from Excel" (for example two columns) to be pasted anywhere outside of the VMWare.


      Is there any specific setting that would make it work?