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    Windows Store Apps in Windows 10 - is there a proper method?

    jordanht Novice

      Is there a proper, 100% supported method of persisting Windows Store installed apps across sessions in a non-persistent Windows 10 VDI pool? Do I just need to provision them for all users in the gold image?


      I'm primarily testing with the "Microsoft Sticky Notes" app because I know a lot of our staff use it. I can install it but after I log off, no matter what method I've tried, the app becomes uninstalled. It takes me to the Windows Store and shows that I "own" it, but I have to install it again to open it. Calculator is fine, but I left that one in the gold image as a provisioned app for all users.


      I've attempted VMware Knowledge Base - this doesn't seem to do anything, even with a brand new UEM profile.


      Following https://vjonathan.com/2019/01/01/uem-non-persistent-vdi-deployment-and-windows-10-uwp-apps-missing/ - this method preserves data. The notes I made show up on next login, and I have the icon for the app, but it still needs to be reinstalled from the store.


      Horizon 7.9

      UEM 9.8

      Windows 10 1803


      Any help is appreciated.