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    Access datastore from the vm

    kenismeismeken Lurker



      Im using Vsphere web client to manage my esxi host/cloud (OVH).


      I was given a task to install proxmox (to try it out) in one of the vm's - that means i need to upload proxmox iso, but my cloud provider (OVH) restricted some of the features in vsphere client (i cant connect to the host, i cant upload anything in the Content Library). The only way to upload an iso is thru uploading files in the datastore, but i get an error while doing so (VMware Knowledge Base ).


      Im very new to vsphere client and cloud so i dont know the most efficient way of doing things - but heres how i think i can upload the iso: download the iso on the vm and transfer the iso files from the vm to the datastore.  NOW, i wanna ask: how can i connect or access the datastore from my vm.


      if you guys knows a better way / more convenient way to upload files, please do tell me.

      Thanks alot in advance !