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    Installation of Mavericks as VM in Fusion 8.5 Halts at Install Copy of OSX

    Fozzie_Bear Novice

      I have Fusion 8.5.10 running on a late 2015 iMac with Sierra 10.12.6 installed.

      I am trying to install Mavericks as a new VM to run some older Mac software that wont run on Sierra. I am using an Install Mavericks OSX app dated 8th Feb 2014 as a source. This was originally downloaded legitimately from the App Store on a Mac running Snow Leopard several years ago as I cannot currently download Mavericks from the App Store on Sierra even though it shows up in my purchased items list as it complains it wont install on this version of Mac.


      I have tried installing using the wizard which creates a virtual machine of 40Gb using 2 cores and 8Gb ram. OSX then boots and I can select my language in the installer and then next which takes me to the install options.

      1. Restore from Time Machine Backup
      2. Install OSX
      3. Get Help Online
      4. Disk Utility

      I choose 2 Install a new copy of OSX but the installer does not proceed to next stage. If I select Disk Utilities this works as does Restore from Time Machine but don't want that option.

      Is this a Fusion issue or is Apple preventing people installing older versions of OSX. I read somewhere that you can install up to two additional copies of OSX on a MAC?

      Also I seem to remember on my Hackingtosh days that the time stamp of the installer image might be an issue?


      Has anyone experienced this issue and found a workaround?

      Many thanks

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