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    Vorkstation Player 15 Virtual Machines doesn't start after Windows 10 x64 1903 upgrade. "internal error" or "Cannot find a valid peer to connect to" messages comes alternately. Any idea?

    PLaci Lurker


      after the Windows 10 64bit upgrade the virtual machine cannot be started.
      Ther are two different error messages: "internal error", or "cannot find a velid peer to conect to".

      The VMPlayer version is 15.1.0-13591040 set up with VMWare Workstation.

      I tried

      - it on two different PC-s,

      - remove and re-install the Player again,

      - start it with administrartion privileges,

      - create a new, clear virtual machine, but the error is same

      ... so I have no more idea! Anyone has?