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    Horizon Non-Persistent Desktops with UEM and Roaming AppData

    grahamp1981 Lurker

      I am having real trouble understanding the concept of moving away from roaming profiles and using UEM instead to preserve user settings.


      I have seen all the best practices about not using folder redirection for anything as it can slow down performance but then how do you preserve changes made by individual users especially changes that were kept in the roaming app data folder when using profiles?


      I have users that log onto non-persistent desktops, makes changes to pin icons to taskbar, pin documents to office. They log off and the desktop is destroyed, they then log on again to a new desktop and all their changes are lost. How do individual users keep their settings saved using UEM?


      I have seen things about adding the following as an example


      but then where is it including these folder trees from? Surely a user must have to have an individual folder or place where their data is stored so that when they log back on, it writes it to their desktop session?


      It all sounds very unclear and hoping someone can make me understand this better?