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    VMWare Fusion 11.1.1 running Windows 10 version 1809 + Docker Desktop (Nested VM) = drained battery when plugged in

    kelly64 Lurker

      Firstly, Docker Desktop for Windows doesn't seem to be working on Windows 10- I'll create a separate thread on that later but, because it is a nested hypervisor issue I don't expect much help.


      But just the act of running Docker Desktop under Windows 10 results in a strange power management behaviour in the host OS (macOS 10.14.6), at least on my machine.  Despite being plugged in, and even showing the 'charging' icon, the battery starts to drain.  The macOS host power icon shows 'Not Charging' even as the battery charge drops from full to below 5%.

      • halting Docker Desktop or suspending the VMWare Windows 10 instance restores normal battery charging behaviour


      Has anyone else seen behaviour like this?  Does it make any sense i.e.: is there some sort of 'stop the battery from charging while VMWare Fusion is busy' feature?  Or is it just a freaky thing that is only happening to me?