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    Failed to open the file vmem

    hobbes444 Novice

      My Windows 10 x64 VM currently cannot resume. When I try to resume, it tells me:

      Failed to open the file "/path/to/my/Windows_7_x64-3e5f9400.vmem": could not find the file.

      My VM was previously a Windows 7 (and called the same), thus the name of the vmem file I assume (hadn't noticed so far). The name of the VM is now Windows_10_x64 and I have changed the OS type in the settings.


      When I suspend the VM, I can see inside the package that Windows_7_x64-3e5f9400.vmem is being created. But at the very end of the suspension, the file suddenly disappears. Only the .vmss file is left.


      Seeing all other issues related to Apple's new way of handling files over 2GB, I did change my RAM to 2GB, but it didn't resolve this issue.


      Any idea what I should try to fix it?