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    Connection to Windows share fails (offloading reports)

    Phloks Lurker

      We're using


      Version, Build 11287812 of vRealize Operations manager.


      When trying to add a network share for offloading my reports, I cannot get the network share connected.

      My AD user does have read/write access to this share, but I keep getting the:

      "Test was not successful: network share plugin test failed"


      The name of the share I want to connect to I got from "net use" in a dos box on my machine when logged in.


      I am not sure what is going wrong here.

      Does anyone know in which logfile to look (out of the many.....) ?


      There is no ssh possibility to log in to the vROPS machine, is there ?

      Would make it a bit easier for a Linux admin to determine the cause..